Laws and Security

We provide some safety tips to make your trip more pleasant and some legal data that should have as to when to move about Jamaica.

|If you rent a car

  • Use car rental companies that are authorized by the Jamaica Tourist Office.
  • Ask for a map with driving directions to your destination before leaving the airport.
  • Lock the doors of your vehicle.
  • Go to a service station or a well-lit public place if it gets lost driving at night or if you need help.

|On the road

  • Always remember to drive on the left.
  • See speed limits and traffic signals.
  • Use seat belts.
  • Always blow your horn when you approach a corner without visibility on country roads which are narrow and winding.
  • Try to travel with a group overnight.


  • Bring your wallet discreetly.
  • If possible, use credit cards or traveler’s checks for large amounts.

|In the airport

  • Use authorized collection points for car hire, taxis and buses.
  • Use service and authorized representatives of transport.


Indecent and obscene prints, paintings, photographs, cinematograph films, lithographs, engravings, books, cards or written communications or any indecent or obscene articles whether similar to the above or not and any parcels, packages or packets having thereon, or on the cover thereof, any words, marks or designs which are grossly offensive or of an indecent or obscene character.


The use, sale or possession of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, crack or any other substance is illegal in Jamaica and anyone who violates the law is exposed to arrest, fines and go to jail. If you are approached politely but pointedly say so firm no.

For more information you can visit the Official Site of: Jamaica Customs