For you can have a better experience on your journey we recommend a series of useful tips:

|Zika Tips

For the current topic of diseases such as dengue and zika, we recommend you take precautions like wearing clothing that covers the body and use insect repellents registered with the EPA containing DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE, also called para-menthane-diol [PMD]) or IR3535, 2-undecanone or (methyl nonyl ketone). Always apply them according to instructions. It is also recommended that if possible try to avoid rivers or nearby areas such as fishing areas.

If you are a woman who are pregnant and / or breastfeeding you can use all insect repellents approved by the EPA, including those containing DEET as directed on the product label. WHO has also recommended to pregnant women not to travel to places infested with the virus and their partners who have done so to take care of getting the zika. For more information about Zika read this article.

|Generals Tips

Usually water consumption directly from a tap is safe, however are advised visitors try to drink only bottled water because if you have a weak stomach may suffer from severe stomach pains.

If they become ill or suffer some pain, you should know that medical facilities of private category are usually an acceptable level, however this may vary depending on the area where you are on the island. Medical treatment can be expensive in Jamaica so it is advisable to take out travel insurance with a sufficiently broad coverage.

For travelers do not need to submit a medical or vaccine certificate to access Jamica, unless you come from yellow fever zone and you are a person infected with it, in that case if it is explicitly need to submit the due certificates vaccines.